#410 Style like (Alvina Valenta FW12 Dress 2 - Full Length White Sleeveless Sheath Alvina Valenta Fall 2012)


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Si vous voulez changer la couleur de ceinture, bretelles et de fleurs en trois dimensions de la robe, s'il vous plaît laissez-nous un massage lorsque vous passez la commande.

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Full Length
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Alvina Valenta FW12 Dress 2 - Full Length White Sleeveless Sheath Alvina Valenta Fall 2012



... long as u order the right size it fits like a dream

As long as u order the right size it fits like a dream. Mine fit perfectly


Love it!

i absolutely love this dress! The allegra dresses fit just as advertised. Sure its thin material, but it does have an under skirt so it's not see through. The price is great for these cute dresses. My husband likes them on me too!


Flaw-hiding and affordable!!

WONDERFUL DRESS!I got the Blue A-15 in XL. It is stretchy and feminine and could work on many different shapes! I'm short and curvy, and this is flattering on my shape. The V-neck is sexy without being too revealing (so I can wear it to work), and the gathering at the bust causes the fabric on the belly to drape, rather than cling. I'm in my second trimester and thicker than normal, while not looking pregnant yet, so this dress is a perfect way to cover the 'belly fat' look. For length, I'm 5'4'' so most dresses drag on the ground, which I don't mind. This one is quite a bit higher, it stops at the top of my ankles, which means I can also draw attention to my shoes if I choose.


I love this dress and I bought the belt to go with it :)

The dress is lovely but it doesnt look good withou the belt. I am 5'5, 130 lbs and I have a small waist. ♥ gorgeous really



It is a little big for a medium but with a belt it will be nice. I love how light and even the material is. I am excited to wear it for easter too!

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